Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Includes Gateshead, Wallsend, South Shields, Tynemouth. See Also Our Guide to Sunderland

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Newcastle upon Tyne is an attractive city in northern England, located on the banks of the River Tyne and also 8.5 miles west of the North Sea. It has a unique geography, with much of its medieval layout still intact and stairs that lead from the river to the upper sections of the city. For a relatively small city, there’s a fantastic variety of running options — riverside paths, moors, parks, estates, and some lovely seaside running nearby.  A couple of must-dos: Millennium Bridge, some of the stair paths, and the unique Tyne Pedestrian and Cycle tunnel. See also our running guide to Sunderland for more routes!

The two signature runs in central Newcastle are the paths along both banks of the River Tyne with its seven bridges, and the Town Moor (150 acres larger than Central Park!). Just east of town, there are several nice parks for running. We also recommend the Georgian gardens at Gibside and adjacent Derwent Walk. In South Shields and Tynemouth, there are wonderful seafront promenades and easy, scenic coastal bluff trails. Trail runners will enjoy options in some of the country parks such as Rising Sun and Bolam Lake.

There’s a fantastic transport system with two metro lines, extending all the way to the seacoast. Newcastle is also a busy rail hub. Runners should also note that Newcastle has very long days in summer — it’s the same latitude as Copenhagen.

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Newcastle has a cool, oceanic climate. Summers are cool, with highs in the high 60sF (20C) and lows that dip into the low 50s (11C). A layer could be needed at any time of year. Winters are chilly and damp, with daytime temps in the mid-40s (7c) and nights just above freezing. Newcastle is one of the drier cities in England, averaging 25 inches (650mm) of rain annually. Runners should also note that Newcastle has very long days in summer — it’s the same latitude as Copenhagen.


Try to stay inside of the A167/1058 to have access to some great running routes right outside your door. Alternatively, if you’re near a subway station, nearly all of our routes are easily accessible via public transport.


Newcastle upon Tyne has a good selection of places to get running gear and advice.

There’s an outlet of the terrific UK chain Runners Need.

Northern Runner is another good running shop.

Start Fitness sells all major of outdoor gear.


There are numerous parkrun events in the Newcastle area, always on Saturdays at 9am.  Town Moor, and in Leazes (0.6m), Jesmond Dene (1.1m), Gateshead (2.8m), Windy Nook (3.7m), Rising Sun (4.2m), Whitley Bay (8.1m), Chopwell Wood (8.1m), South Shields (8.4m), Riverside (9.2m), Herrington Country (9.3m)

Running calendar for events in the north east of England.

The Great North Run. September. The UK’s largest half-marathon.