Nîmes, France

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Nîmes, located in the Occitanie region of Southern France, is often referred to as the ‘most Roman city outside Italy’, owing to its rich history dating back to the Roman Empire and numerous preserved monuments and structures. Visitors flock to Nîmes to see the Arena of Nîmes, Maison Carrée, and other historic sites. The best options for running in Nîmes are our historic tour, and some easy trail running in preserves just outside the city.

Start with our ‘runseeing‘ tour of Nîmes, which covers the Old City, key architectural sites, and the historic Jardin de La Fontaine. Just north, the Espeisses Woods is the most popular place to run in Nîmes. For more trail running, explore the extensive Clos Gaillard, 10 km northwest of the center. For a longer off-road run, choose a section of the 20 km multi-use path that runs between Caveirac and Sommières.

Note that Nîmes has a warm, Mediterranean type climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters.

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Clos Gaillard

Nîmes, France

Some fairly gentle trail running in this 264-hectare open space 10 km northwest of Nîmes. Clos Gaillard is known for its capitelles (ancient stone huts) and heritage stone walls. Choose from several color-coded trails through open scrubland and & light woods.

Nîmes has a version of a Mediterranean climate, with hit summers and mild winters. The city features abundant sunshine. Summers are hot, with high temperatures in the 32C (89F) range, with warm nights. Winters are mild, with daytime highs of 11C (52F) and lows dipping to near-freezing. Precipitation is fairly evenly spread through the year.

Try to stay near the center, inside Bd. de Talabot for access to some nice running in Nîmes.

Nimes Urban Trail. February. The city’s iconic running event.