Montpellier, France

Includes Lattes, Sète, Marseillan, & Agde. See Also Our Guide to Béziers

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Montpellier is located in southern France, situated on hilly ground, just 10 km inland from the Mediterranean coast, on the River Lez. The older section of the city is on the west side of the river, and features the historic Vieux Montpellier, and the impressive Arc de Triomphe and an old aqueduct. Our guide to running in Montpellier features the river and old town, and several scenic routes around the beaches, canals, and marshlands in the coastal area just south of the city.

The best place to run in Montpellier is along the banks of the Lez River, including more southern sections of the river starting in Lattes. Our ‘runseeing’ tour is a straightforward route around Montpellier’s scenic highlights. We’ve also mapped several routes in the scenic coastal area, including paths around marshlands and canals in Mireval and Villeneuve, some good beaches for running, and a scenic tour of the Palavas-les-Flots resort area.

For transport, an extensive tram network covers Montpellier. The bike sharing system comes in handy. There are also trains that will take you south toward the coast in minutes. The area’s Mediterranean climate makes running in Montpellier a pleasure  year-round.

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Montpellier has a Mediterranean climate, which makes running in the city a pleasure year-round. Summers are warm to hot and fairly dry, with high temperatures in 29C range (mid-80s), with pleasantly warm nights. Fall and spring are glorious, temperature-wise. Winters are cool to mild and can be damp. Daytime temps in winter average 11C (52F), though nights dip to near-freezing. There are occasional cold snaps.


There are several dedicated running stores in Montpellier.

Foulées Montpellier is centrally located

i-Run has two stores in the area.
The i-RUN stores have historically had group runs.

Running events calendar for Montpellier.

Montpellier Marathon. March. Additional distance options. Very scenic route!