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Noosa, Australia

A Guide to running in Noosa, on Australia's Sunshine Coast

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Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Noosa is one of Australia’s top tourist spots. Combine a year-round sunny and mild climate with terrain ranging from lush hinterland to pristine beaches, make Noosa a heaven for vacationer and athlete alike. Running in Noosa offers an excellent variety in a small geographic area — there are beaches, extensive multi-use paths, and trails through rainforests and bushland.

The best places to run in Noosa take advantage of the beautiful Noosa National Park and the beautiful beaches and lakes. For those you love climbing stairs, Hasting Streets 200 stairs is hard to beat. The Noosaheads to Noosaville route and Noosa Loop are great ways to see Noosa’s suburban streets, lakes and bridges. Sunrise to Peregian Beach is the perfect mixture of beach and bushland without the crowds. Some great trail running can be found through the Noosa Trail Network at the nearby National Parks. The local Government has gone to great lengths to make the area friendly to cyclist and walkers, and by extension, runners. Click here for a map that is a helpful complement to our running routes.

For those staying on or near Hasting St, the main tourist zone, our iconic routes are accessible without a car or utilising the public bus system around Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. Like any popular tourist destination, it is best to head out early morning to avoid the heat and the crowds. NOTE: all paths in Noosa are shared, so keep to the left and watch out for cyclists.

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Noosa offers pretty great running weather all year. Average high temperatures range from 21C (70F) in winter to 30C (86F), and lowa rarely drop below 10C (50F). In the wettest months (summer), there’s some rain on about 1/2 of days. Winters are drier.

This is a major visitor destination, so there’s lots of choice in accommodation.

Check out

Running Stores

The Athletes Foot is the main running store in Noosa.

Group Runs

The Noosaville State School hosts a Parkrun, a free group 5k held every Saturday morning. You can see the course map and learn more here.

Check out the Noosa Ultra and Trail Runners Facebook page. Don’t be put off but their name, most runs are around 6.2 miles (10km).