Creative Commons: Donaldytong

This route provides a nice tour of Noosa’s lakes and rivers, its residential suburbs and includes a solid climb for those who want to get their heart rate up. While it starts at the roundabout on Noosa Parade, just behind Hastings St., it is a loop and can be joined anywhere. Your chosen direction of travel will depend entirely on whether you would like to tackle the climb up Noosa Hill at the start, which is at the south side of the loop at Lions Park (clockwise) or finish (anti-clockwise). On the south side of the loop, there is a waterfront path paralleling Highway 6.

The highlight of the route is Noosa Hill. The hill makes up the vast majority of the overall elevation gain (92 feet / 28 meters) and while it is by no means a massive slog, it provides a great opportunity clear out any remaining energy before hitting the beach!



  • 6.7 km (4.2 miles) loop
  • 46m (152 feet)
  • Roundabout on Noosa Parade, just behind Hastings St. Lions Park side, running clockwwise