Stavanger, Norway

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Stavanger is a coastal city located on the Stavanger Peninsula in southwest Norway. The country’s third largest metro area and its ‘Oil Capital’, Stavanger features a scenic coastal landscape, and includes five lakes and three fjords. The historic Old Town features colorful wooden houses. The best running in Stavanger showcases the area’s waterfront and lakes.

A great way to see Stavanger is to start with our ‘runseeing‘ tour, which includes waterfront paths, Old Town, and Byparken. This can be combined with our route along the eastern waterfront, including a jaunt over City Bridge. We also recommend loops around Mosvatnet Lake & Stokkavannet Lake, both of which have nice park add-ons. In southeastern Stavanger, there’s a nice waterfront run from Lervigbrygga Beach to Strømvik. It’s worth the quick drive over to Hundvåg for two nice waterfront routes, which can be combined. For trail running, enjoy the 8 km of paths in Sørmarka — Stavanger’s largest green space. There’s a running track at Stavanger Stadion.

Runners should note that Stavanger’s climate is moderated by the water, and can also be quite cloudy and rainy. Also note that many paths are lit to accommodate the short winter days.

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Stavanger has a classic Scandinavian climate, though moderated by the north sea. Winters are overcast & chilly and feature short days. But there’s not that much ice or snow. Summers are mild but not warm, with average high temperatures of 19C (67F) and cool nights. You’ll need layer at any time of year. Runners should note the dramatic difference in day length between winter and summer!

Try to stay in the centre, inside the 441 road, for easy access to some of the best running in Stavanger.


There are three good stores in central Stavanger where you can buy running gear, as shown in the overview map. The most running-centric is

Löplabbet Stavanger. They also do training programs and running sessions.


See the Löplabbet Stavanger website for training programs and running sessions.

There’s also an Expat Running Group on Facebook — we’re not sure how active it is.

Good list of running events in Stavanger.

Stavanger Marathon. August. Considered one of the best marathons in Norway.