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A Guide to the Best Places to Run in Tunis

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The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, situated on the Gulf of Tunis behind the Lake of Tunis and the port of La Goulette, and surrounded by coastal plain and hills. The ancient medina is a World Heritage Site. The situation for running in Tunis is a mixed bag. It’s busy and dense, and many of the main roads don’t have good sidewalks. There are a few nice places to run, rely on a curated route.

In central Tunis, the best place to run is Belvedere Park and the nearby running track, which can be combined with some nice sections in Le Passage for a longer run. Just north of there is a nice 5.4 km waterfront path along Lake of Tunis. One of the best places to run in Tunis is in Sidi Bou Said, where our route combines the Corniche, 365 Steps, and a nice park. In Carthage, we’ve put together a ‘runseeing’ tour of this important archaeological site. And for some wooded, hilly trail running near Tunis, head to Parc Urbain Ennahli.

Runners should note that the air can be bad in Tunis and that temps get very hot and dry in summer, averaging 30-34C  from June-September.

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Tunis has a hot-dry Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. In summer, daily temps are in the 30-34C range, with warm nights. Winters are mild and delightful for running, with daytime temps around 16C (61F) and nights dipping to 7-10C (47-50F). About 2/3 of the city’s 472mm (19 inches) of annual rainfall occurs in the winter months. Precipitation is rare in summer.


If you’d like access to decent running right from your hotel, we recommend staying near Belvedere Park in central Tunis, in the Berges du Lac neighborhood for the Lake of Tunis run, or in the Sidi Bou Said area. Many of the fanciest hotels are in the Marsa area, but the running isn’t great there.

There are no dedicated running stores in Tunis, but there are larger sporting goods stores like Go Sport and Super Sport that sell running gear.

For Group Runs, there’s Running Club Tunis.

Here’s a calendar of running events in Tunis and Tunisia.