Martha's Vineyard, MA

Long Point Wildlife Refuge

Long Point Wildlife Refuge is the result of prairies and woodlands that were formed many years after the last ice age. Remnants of a historic time remain, as the plants and wildlife inhabiting the refuge have adapted over time to the area’s unique landscape. The area provides over 600 acres of beaches, dunes, and woodlands, making it one of the largest publicly accessible properties on the island. The park is administered by the Trustees of Reservations and is just west of South Beach, and 7 miles from Edgardtown.

For runners, Long Point offers 2.1 miles of flat trails touring both the woods, open areas, and the beach. Runners can end their run at South Beach.



  • 2+ miles. More if beach is added
  • Flat
  • In refuge
  • Two parking areas, one year-round near the visitor’s center, one during summer only on Hughes Thumb Road