Syracuse, NY

Onandaga Lake Paths

The paths along Onandaga Lake are among the signature running spot in Syracuse. The large lake is located just north of Syracuse, squeezed between I-90 and I-690. Although one can’t do a full loop of the lake, Restoration Way is a paved multi-use path that runs along both the eastern and western sides of the lake for nearly 8 miles.

West side path. Author photo.

On the eastern side of the lake, it’s 3 miles between Onandaga Lake Park and the University of Syracuse Boathouse. This is a popular 10k out and back, with nice water views nearly the whole way! You can also continue on the western side of the lake, where the path tends to be a bit inland and more wooded, although there are some sections where a secondary path runs closer to the water. The western side path is 4.5 miles between the Onondaga Lake Visitors Center and Long Branch Park. St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview Point is 1.5 miles from the Visitor Center.

  • The path is 7.8 miles overall. ~3 miles on the eastern side and ~5 miles on the western side
  • 166 feet (one-way)
  • Eastern side: Onandaga Lake Park; Western side: Parking lot near Visitor Center
  • Numerous access points. There are parking lots at Onandaga Lake Park and near the Visitor Center