St. Augustine, FL

Palatka to St. Augustine State Trail


The Palatka to St. Augustine State Trail is one of the best bets for a long, completely off-road run in the St. Augustine area. Located 9 miles southwest of St. Augustine, the wide, paved, multi-use path stretches for 19 miles southwest to East Palatka on the St. John’s River. The trail mainly parallels SR 207, and much of the terrain is wooded. There are five distinct trailheads, each with some parking and an information kiosk with map.

Approximate distances, from the Vermont Blvd. Trailhead, heading south (Notes: the trail goes north of the Vermont Blvd. Trailhead for 1.5 miles toward I-95; and the trail is not shown on Google Maps south of Armstrong Park).

Vermont Heights: 1 mile
Armstrong Park: 5 miles
Cora C. Harrison Preserve, near Hastings: 9 miles
East River Road Trailhead: 16 miles


  • Total trail is 19 miles one-way
  • Generally flat
  • For Fitness Trails, see map; Nature Preserve Trailhead is off Davis Park Rd. near the Ponte Vedra High School
  • There are 5 distinct trailheads. The one closest to St. Augustine is the Vermont Blvd. trailhead