Acapulco, Mexico

Av. Revolución/Boulevard Barra Vieja

For those looking for a longer, uninterrupted road run away from the crowds, Av. Revolución is a decent bet. Also known as Boulevard Barra Vieja, the road stretches along the barrier beach bordering the airport and Laguna de Tres Palos. There’s a nice wide sidewalk along this moderately trafficked road, which includes a few beaches and resorts. Don’t expect any sweeping oceanside scenery, but this is a pleasant enough running route, especially for anyone staying in the area or heading to/from the airport.

Hop on the path at the intersection of Boulevard Barra Vieja and Boulevard de las Naciones, near the La Isla Shopping Village. The road travels briefly towards the water, then bends southeast. It’s ~5.25 km one-way from La Isla to the end of the walkway at Av. Del Mar.

  • Up to 3 miles (5.25 km) one-way
  • 12 meters (40 feet)
  • La Isla Shopping Village
  • Boulevard Barra Vieja