Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zeeburg Area: Flevopark, Diemerpark, Canals, Java Island

The Zeeburg area in eastern Amsterdam is centrally located and easily accessible. This more modern area, which includes the Eastern Docklands area, has some wonderful park, pedestrian bridge, and canal running that can be done as separate routes or connected for a longer run. Some great runs in the Zeeburg area include:

Diemerpark & Nesciobrug. Take the 780m Nesciobrug pedestrian bridge over to the Diemerpark area, and run along this open, waterfront park for 3 km (one-way) to Fort Diemerdam. Can be combined with Rijnkanaal (below).

Rijnkanaal. At the east end of Flevopark, a wonderful path along the Rijnkanaal (Rhine Canal) runs for 5.4 km one-way, past Diemerpolder Park to the A1. Great waterfront running. Can connect to the Diemerpark at northern end via Nesciobrug Br. or the S114, at the southern end, which has a good path.

Java Island

Flevopark. Large, green park with outdoor swimming pool & sports complex at northern end, mile markers along canal paths. The Flevopark paths are ~2-3 km, and can be combined with other paths in area.

Java Island. Nice 4.5 km island loop, with older and newer architecture, and some great water and city views.

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  • See the different routes in the description
  • Flat
  • Good tram and light rail access to area