Brussels, Belgium

Convention Center/Jette/Laeken

In the northern section of Brussels is the Brussels Expo (convention center), and the Laeken/Jette neighborhoods. Business travelers especially might end up in this area. Best running in this area is a series of parks, shown in the map, which added together are ~5 miles from one end to the other.

  • Parc de Laeken. Lovely park with gardens and paths, Leopold Monument, and 1780s Palace de Laeken. One can put together ~3 miles from the I Atomium to the Palace, and surrounding paths.
  • Parc de la Jeunesse and Parc Roi Baudouin. Linear park just east of Parc de Laeken. Head through Leopold Sq. to get there.
  • Bois de Laerbeek. Just past Parc Roi, head into the lovely trails of Bois de Laerbeek, lined with beech trees. Use Rue de Bois and Petite Ruse Saine-Anne.

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  • 5.25 miles. Multiple mileage options
  • 233 feet
  • Parc d'Osseghem, at the Atomium near mini-Europe.
  • 4 miles north of center. Metro: Heysel