Darwin, Australia

Darwin ‘Runseeing Tour’


This route provides a great way to sight-see Australia’s tropical capital city. It includes Bicentennial Park (see our route there), the Marina and Gardens district. As it is a loop, it can be joined anywhere, however we prefer to start and finish at Bicentennial Park and head clockwise.

Start at Bicentennial Park near the Legislative Assembly. Following Bicentennial Park, turn RIGHT up Daley Street at the roundabout, LEFT at the next roundabout to follow Smith Street, then RIGHT at the next roundabout at the 2 km mark. [Optional Add-On: Do a loop around Cullen Bay]. Follow Gilruth Ave. for almost 2 km, passing through the Darwin Botanic Gardens, before turning RIGHT onto Salonika Street. Turn RIGHT onto the Stuart Hwy for 1 km then LEFT onto McMinn Street. After another 1 km, at the large intersection go RIGHT onto Bennett St. for 500 meters before a LEFT onto Herbert St. where you will rejoin the Esplanade and Bicentennial Park.

Add-Ons: Do a loop around the Cullen Bay Marina. Pleasant, quiet roads, nice homes and water views (2-3 km). Can also combine with our Vestey’s Beach route. Or, at the southern end, add a loop of the Waterfront Precinct.


  • 7.9 km (4.9 miles) loop; Cullen Bay Marina is a 2-3 km add-on
  • 62m (203 feet)
  • Bicentennial Park
  • Easily accessible for anyone staying in the CBD