Duluth, MN

North Shore Drive

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This is the route for those who want a long, easy-to-follow run with great water views! Just north of Duluth, the road along Lake Superior — called North Shore Drive/Congdon Blvd./CSAH61 is good for running. It’s an alternative the busier main road, Highway 61.

The section with the most consistent water views is the 7.5 miles starting just north of Brighton Beach, to just south of Palmers, where the road turns inland. There are views of Lake Superior for most of the way — some sections are really open, others where you’ll peek through the trees to see the water. Although this road can be a bit busy in season, there’s a wide, paved shoulder.

Note that this ‘scenic drive’ continues for another 11 miles north from Palmers to Two Harbors. Quiet road, some sections with water views. North of there, Highway 61 continues for nearly 150 miles north to the Canadian border, much of it along the water and with a decent shoulder.

  • 7.5 miles (12.1 km) one-way
  • Fairly flat -- 129 foot gain over 7.5 miles one-way
  • Congdon Blvd., just north of Brigton Beach (~7 miles north of downtown)