Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Wikimedia Commons

Many of Düsseldorf’s important buildings, cultural and historical sites are located in a relatively compact area on the east side of the Rhine. We’ve mapped a 6.5 km (4.1 mile) ‘runseeing’ tour of some key Düsseldorf landmarks.

Start at the Kaiser Wilhelm monument. Then head down Blumenstraße to the Tritonenbrunnen fountain, past the archeological museum (ArcheoPoint), the Peter von Cornelius Denkma momument, and the Wilhelm Marx House. Go around the square and take Flinger Str. to the Jan Wellem Reiterstandbild (Düsseldorf’s oldest statue) and the Film Mueseum. Take a quick loop around the Marktplatz, and then along Rheinkniebrücke, passing the Kunst im Tunnel (modern art museum), City Museum (STADTMUSEUM), while skirting Spee’scher Graben park.

Then go under the Rheinkniebrücke (a classic Düsseldorf landmark), to the Rheinturm, Düsseldorf’s communications tower, and then head back to the start, making your way through Bürgerpark, heading east on Fürstenwall, then LEFT on any of the streets that will then head north toward the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (Modern Art Museum). The final section of the run is along the festive, pedestrian-oriented Königsallee.

Longer Option: For more Düsseldorf sites, run some additional streets in the Altstadt, or head through Hoftgsarten to the area at the north end of the park, featuring numerous museums, theaters, and concert halls. Other add-on options include our Hoftgarten and Rhine path routes.


  • 6.5 km (4.1 mile) loop. Many add-on options
  • Flat
  • Kaiser Wilhelm monument
  • U-Bahn Steinstr./Königsallee is close to start