Glasgow, UK

East End

The East End of Glasgow has maintained its distinctly Victorian flavor, and while it is not known for its tourist sights, it boasts plenty of interesting murals, statues, markets and cathedrals. This is the route to experience some of Glasgow’s architectural crown jewels, including the Glasgow Cathedral, George Square, and City Chambers. Start out near George Square and head northeast towards the Cathedral. Take a scenic loop around The Necropolis, a Victorian-era cemetery containing the graves & mausoleums of prominent Glaswegians of the day. Head back on George Street, passing the City Chambers.

For a longer run, head north a bit and enjoy some of the paths just north of St. Mungo Ave. Or, head east of George Square and enjoy some of the historic streets.

  • 4.4 km (2.8 miles) loop
  • 49.4 meters (162 feet)
  • Start out on Queen Street heading towards George Square.
  • George Square is very central, but getting off at the Queen Street station will put you close to the start of this route.