Lagos, Nigeria

Freedom Park and Central Lagos

Wikimedia Commons

This is an opportunity to explore Freedom Park and some of the more important sites of central Lagos on Lagos Island. We haven’t created a specific route map, but suggest you create your own route using the outline below.

Start at Freedom Park. Even though it’s Lagos’ largest park, isn’t very big, but it’s an oasis for 1/2 km laps. Some of the streets near the park are more runnable than many in Lagos (there are sidewalks!), so you can explore some of the city’s important sites. Just north of Freedom Park is City Hall, which is worth seeing, and then head slightly west to the Campus Mini Stadium, where you might be able to sneak in and do a couple of laps around the large field. Just south of Freedom Park, it’s also possible to run along Broad St. or Marina Rd. They’re not scenic, but there is a sidewalk. Off Broad St., you’ll pass the Herbert Macaulay Memorial Statue, St. Georges Hall, and the Federal Ministry of Justice.


  • Can put together a few km here
  • Freedom Park