Aalborg, Denmark

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Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark. Located in North Jutland at the narrowest point of the Limfjord, Aalborg has a scenic setting and is an important cultural centre. The best places to run in Aalborg are on the city’s waterfront and in its numerous parks.

Near the center of town, there’s several km of scenic running along Limfjord Sound, including a section across the water in Lindhom. It’s also worth it to hop on the short ferry for some pastoral running on Egholm Island. Also near the center is a nice route combining two parks: Kilderparken & Mølleparken. In the southeastern part of the city, there’s nice running in the area of Bundgårdsparken, Aalborg University, & Gug Alper. Nearby is another nice park, Sohngårdsholmparken, on the grounds of a former manor house. For some scenic trails around wetlands, head to Østerådalen.

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Egholm Island

Aalborg, Denmark

Scenic running on lovely gravel roads along the water and past farm fields. Egholm Island is reachable via a ferry, located 2 km west of Aalborg centre, that takes 5 minutes and runs every 1/2 hour. And very few cars!

Aalborg has short, mild summers and long, chilly winters. The maritime location moderates the temperature, and the northern latitude make for seasonal extremes in day length. Precipitation is evenly spread through the year. There can be snow and ice in winter. And lots of overcast.


Try to stay near the centre inside the O2 road to have access to some of Aalborg’s best running routes.


There’s a nice selection of stores for running gear in Aalborg. Two great indy running stores are Runners Lab and Lorben.



Area running calendar.

The Aalborg Brutal Marathon is among the signature running events on the calendar. Usually on Good Friday.