Macau, China

Taipa Grande Park

Taipa Grande Nature Park, located on the eastern end of Taipa Island and near the airport, has several attractions and a couple of great trails for running. For families, there’s a garden, playground, and grass toboggan. The best bed for running is the 4 km loop known as the Taipa Grande Trail, considered a ‘nature trail’ and fine for running. It is generally wide, but has a couple of steep sections — especially a series of steps along a ridge leading to the 159m peak. There are great views.

Another option is the 2.3 km Small Taipa 2000 Circuit. It’s also a wide trail, and runnable, but a bit more challenging. Both trails are well marked, with map billboards at trail entrances. Map source:

Ambitious runners staying in the hotels on Taipa, in the Cotai area (Sheraton, Venetian, Shopping Mall) can run the 2-3 km to the park along Estra de Ponta da Cabrita. It’s a steady climb, but there is a shoulder along the road.

  • Taipa Grande: 4 km (2.4 mile) loop; Small Taipa 2000 Circuit: 2.3 km (1.4 miles)
  • Hilly
  • Rampa do Observatório da Taipa Grande