Nashville, TN

Three Greenways North of Nashville: Hendersonville, White House, Springfield

Hendersonville Greenway at Memorial Park. Google Street View

Just north of Nashville, there are three paved greenway paths that are popular with locals and also a worth-it destination run.

Hendersonville Greenway. Hendersonville is city and also a suburb of Nashville, located on the Cumberland River. The Hendersonville Greenway is a worth-it destination run! The paved multi-use path passes through several parks along the Columbia River. The nicest section is the 1-mile loop at Memorial Park, with its nice water views, to the end of  Drakes Creek Park. From Memorial Park, continue north for 0.8 miles alongside Cherokee Rd., then rejoining the dedicated path. After another 1 mile, at the end of Drakes Creek Park, there’s a choice: continue north for 1 mile to Veterans Park, or head east for 1.5 miles to Saundersville Rd., just past the Public Library. Past Drakes Creek Park, the path isn’t as scenic, as it passes by numerous strip malls. Terrain is mainly open.

White House Greenway. Google Street View

White House Greenway. White House is a small city located 22 miles north of Nashville. The best bet for a run here is the White House Greenway. The multi-use path runs for 3.8 miles between Revolution Church off Highway 31w and Stadium Rd., just past Michael L. Arnold Municipal Park. Combination paved & gravel surface.

Springfield Greenway. This is a pleasant, paved multi-use trail in Springfield, located 30 miles north of Nashville. The path runs for 2.5 miles from Garner Street Park Trailhead to Travis Price Park, alongside Sulphur Creek. The terrain is pleasantly open. There are markers every 1/4 mile. The run can be extended at Travis Price Park by following the paved surface past the Pavilion. Run the paved loop around soccer fields or follow the loop around the Park Road. Both loops ~1 mile. Our thanks to Joe Rushing for suggesting this route!

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