Oaxaca, Mexico

Venustiano Carranza Sports Complex and Track


For a safe, quick running option, the Venustiano Carranza sports complex is a local favorite. It’s not particularly suited for distance running, but there is a cool 1 km route snaking around the exterior of the complex as well as a 400 meter track where runners can do laps. Most sections of the exterior route are paved, but there is also a parallel dirt track, which is easier on the joints. Visitors can also round out their workout with the various playing fields, swimming pools, and exercise classes. There is no charge to access the running tracks (and other outdoor fields and courts), but there is a fee for the gym and pool. The facility is open 6 am-10 pm on weekdays and 8 am-8 pm on weekends.

  • 1 km (.6 miles)
  • 3 meters (10 feet)
  • Venustiano Carranza entrance
  • Brasil