Seville, Spain

Parque Guadaíra & Parque de los Bermejales

Google Street View
Jardines Guadaíra. Google Street View

In the southern part of Seville, Parque Guadaíra and Parque de los Bermejales are two nice parks connected by multi-use paths that can be stitched together for a longer off-road run. Starting at Parque Guadaíra off Av de la Paz we start with a 2.5 km loop of the of the Jardines Guadaíra, which has nice paths and interesting greenery. Then head onto the Guadaíra path adjacent to a golf course, and head southwest through the park for 1.5 km. A gravel path continues alongside a mural, just south of the landmark Estadio Benito Villamarín, for 1.5 km to Río Guadaira Park, with great views of the Centennial Bridge. You’ll then do a ~2 km loop of Parque de los Bermejales, which has a series of wide gravel paths. For the full loop, return to Parque Guadaíra.

Options & Add-Ons: The route can be shortened by 2 km by not doing the Jardines loop. You can also start at Parque de los Bermejales. The route can be combined with our Parque de María Luisa route (2.5 km north through the Port).

  • Up to 12 km (7.5 miles) for full out and back
  • Anywhere on the park's paths
  • Good Bus Access