Al Jazair Public Beach

Google Street View

Al Jazair Public Beach is one of the better beaches for running in Bahrain. The 2.5 km long beach is not very developed in terms of hotels and buildings, as it’s a distance from Manama. There are big views of the Gulf.

The beach surface itself is fairly hard sand, so it’s suitable for running. Some have complained that the beach is not very well maintained. Also, Jazair Beach Ave., which goes for several km north and south of the beach, is a fairly quiet road where you can pile on some km. There are some other small paved and dirt roads as well. They’re all exposed and not very scenic,



  • Beach is 2.5 km long. For more, explore the other (exposed) roads in area such as Jazair Beach Ave.
  • Flat
  • Public Beach Access off Jazair Beach Ave.