Nurana Islands

Google Street View

It’s worth the 10-15 minute drive west of the center of Bahrain to the small village of Jid Al Haj, for a run out to the Nurana Islands. A nearly traffic free road forms sort of a dirt causeway, with water/beach on either side, leading out to the undeveloped Nurana Island, which is an open area overlooking the sea, that we suppose could be characterized as a beach.

There are a couple of running options here: from Jid Al Haj village starting on Highway 61, it’s 4.5 km out and back to the island. We’ve also created a longer route, shown on the map, starting at the Al-Huda Swimming Pool, and doing a loop out Karannah Ave. to a pier. This, combined with the Nurana jaunt, makes for a 9.3 km route. You can even combine with our Seef to Fort route — the Bahrain Fort is 1.5 km east of the Al-Huda¬† Pool.




  • 9.3 km (5.7 miles), which includes addition pier. Route just out to Nurana is 4.5 km out and back.
  • Flat
  • Short Route: Jid Al Haj village; Long Route: Al-Huda Swimming Pool
  • Not much transport west of the Fort