Bilbao, Spain

Barrios Altos

The Barrios Altos, or “upper neighborhoods” of Bilbao are longtime residential neighborhoods which include Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco, and Zabala (among others). Over the past decade or so, rehab and renovation projects have really revitalized these areas, so it’s a fun place to take a run and explore both history and modern life. The team at Running Tours Bilbao has mapped out a course

The Barrios Altos route starts in Plaza Musico Guridi, the heads west towards Ernesto Erkoreka Plaza. From here, turn RIGHT along the water, then take Tiboli Kalea (on the RIGHT) up to Plaza de Moraza. Wind north to Jasokunde Auzoa/Matiko, then take Lezamako Trenbide Zaherreko Bidea south to Etxebarria Park. Follow the paths along the southern border of the park, then continue straight through Old Town on Mallona Galtzada, Gurutze Kalea, and Artekale Kalea. At the San Anton Catholic Church, cross over the bridge on Claudio Gallastegi Kalea and continue until you hit San Luis Meategiaren Kalea. Turn RIGHT, loop through Parque Miribilla, and bend south on Juan Carlos de Gortazar Kalea to Zumabidea. When you hit Ibaieder Park, the route returns north, crosses back over the same bridge, and takes two quick detours to the Begoñako Karmelo eliza and Basilica of Begoña before returning to that start.

  • 14 km
  • 330 meters
  • Plaza Musico Guridi
  • Uribarri-bilbao Station