Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao Cultural ‘Runseeing’

As one of the staple runs of Go! Running Tours Bilbao, this route makes its way around some of the top cultural institutions in Bilbao. It starts at the city’s cultural icon, the Guggenheim Plaza, and heads southeast along the river. At the Puente del Arenal, cross the river into Casco Viejo and loop through Etxebarria Park. The route then heads south through the center of Old Town, crosses the bridge at Erribera Park and returns back up to the Puente del Arenal. Follow Gran Via Don Diego Lopez de Haro west for 2 km through Bilbao’s main shopping center to San Mames and loop around the sports center. Take Olabeaga Kaia back to the river path, continue past the Maritime Museum, the Palacio Euskalduna, and the Maman Spider to the Guggenheim.

Go! Running Tours has another variation of this loop known as “The Lower Foot.” It follows mostly the same route, except when runners arrive at Casco Viejo, they cross over Puente del Ayuntamiento and go south through El Arenal Park. From here, it takes a wider loop around Begona, passing the Basilica and Parkea Europa before returning up the river.

  • 9 km (5.6 mile) and 11 km (7 mile) options
  • 115m or 140m
  • Guggenheim Plaza
  • Guggenheim Station