Cancún and the Mayan Peninsula, Mexico

Cancun Hotel Zone Running Options

The main road through the hotel zone in Cancún fearures kilometer markers every 0.5 km, starting from km ‘zero’ in central Cancun to the end at km 26. There’s no long stretch of roadside running in Cancún offering nice water views. The best running option in the ‘Hotel Zone’ is the ~11 km bike path, known as the Ciclopista, which goes from ~km 11 in the hotel zone (Lebanc) toward central Cancún (km zero). This is basically a red-colored sidewalk that runs on the ocean side, a bit away from the Kukulcan Blvd., the main road. Unfortunately, most views will be of hotels. This is where you’ll find the most runners in Cancún. The nicer parts of the path are further towards Cancún. You could run the path one-way and take a bus or collectivo back to your hotel.

Another good section of sidewalk is the ~4 km between the Ritz Carlton (km 14) and km 10.

Other options/add-ons in or near the Hotel Zone:

  • Run the beach. Nicest sections of beach for running (wider, packed sand) are **. Can do the beach one way, sidewalk/bike path the other.
  • Malecón Tajamar. A nice little section of road with good water views. It’s ~1.5 km from the main rotary in Cancún/km zero of the bike path. Pleasant, palm-lined road with good sidewalk. The nicest stretch is the 1 km or so along the water, along Avenida Malecón Fonatur. Overall, a 5 km loop.  MAP
  • Kabah Park. It’s about 1.5 km from the Malecón area to Kabah park, which has ~2.5 km of running paths.
  • 10 km of bike path, plus other options
  • Flat
  • Bike path runs from km 10 in hotel zone to km zero in central Cancun