Cape Cod, MA

Yarmouth: Marathon Sports Route & CCRT Extention

The running scene in Yarmouth is about to get better! An extension of the Cape Cod Rail Trail is being built, running 3+ miles from the current terminus in South Dennis near Rt. 134 to Peter Homer Park, near Station Ave. This will involve two new pedestrian/cycle bridges, over Station Ave. and the Bass River. The first phase is scheduled to open in the spring of 2017. We’ve attached a map.

In the meantime, we’ve created the ‘Marathon Sports’ loop, which is a popular route from this iconic running store in Yarmouth, and often used for their Thursday night run group. The route starts at their store, and heads out Station Ave. does a loop around Old Town House Park, and then along a bike trail for nearly 2 miles to the end, at Higgins Crowell Rd. Our route is an out and back to keep it simple, though the Marathon Sports have some additional loop and trail options, for variety.

  • Our route is 5.8 miles out and back; Additional 3 miles north to Rt. 134 w/CCRT extention
  • Flat
  • Marathon Sports, Station Ave.
  • Shopping center parking lot; New CCRT extension parking lot off Station Ave. opening soon