Christchurch, New Zealand

New Brighton Beach

Wikimedia Commons

New Brighton Beach offers up to 20 km of spectacular running on a wide, flat beach. New Brighton is located 10 km east of Christchurch, and is considered a suburb. The beach generally has firm, compact sand, and there are great views of Pegasus Bay and the South Pacific. There are also some trails through the grasslands/dunes along the beach.

The best access point is New Brighton Beach Pier (the pier itself is a lovely, 0.6 km out and back). From the pier, one can run south for up to 6 km to Southshore, or north for 13+ km to an inlet at the mouth of the Waimakariri River. Note that north of Beach Rd. (3 km north of the pier), the area is more remote and there are no access roads. Along the northern stretch, the beach parallels Bottle Lake Forest Park. In addition to running on the beach, there are also some trails through the grasslands/dunes along the beach. The most developed sections are a trail paralleling Marine Parade Rd. for ~2 km, starting just north of the pier to Beach Rd. Also, one can run on the Southern Pegasus Bay Track in Bottle Lake Forest Park. There are also trails south of the pier, but some are sandier and challenging for running.

  • The beach is nearly 20 km long. From the pier, 13+ km north, and 6 km south.
  • New Brighton Beach Pier is a good starting point
  • Best access is in the New Brighton Pier area. There are access points and car parks elsewhere. New Brighton Beach can be reached by bus from Christchurch.