Geelong, Australia

Geelong Downtown Tour

Wikimedia Commons: Ajay Pandeyy

This route provides a nice tour of the city of Geelong, its waterfront, Johnstone Park and the Pakington shopping district. While it starts at the Cunningham Pier, it is a loop and can be joined anywhere. We prefer tackling the loop counter-clockwise to finish with the path along the waterfront.

Start on the waterfront across from Deakin University, and head north along Western Beach Rd. Turn LEFT on Ginn St., crossing the highway, and then LEFT on Pakington St., do take a running tour of the shopping district, for ~1 km. At Aberdeen, take a LEFT, reaching Fenwick St. and then enjoy a section through Johnstone Park. Then, south on Malop St. to Eastern Park, to complete the final section along the waterfront.

Add-Ons: For an additional 2-3 km, head down the hill on Latrobe Terrace to explore the park land around the football stadium in Kardinia Park. Heading back to the city will include a steady but not difficult, climb. Can also add with our Eastern Park and Waterfront routes.

Note: The route is best done during non-peak times as you will be running through two shopping districts if you want a hassle fee workout.


  • 6.9 km (4.3 miles)
  • 45m (148 feet)
  • Cunningham Pier, across from Deakin University
  • Easily accessible for anyone staying in the CBD