Houston, TX

Buffalo Bayou Park (Allen Parkway)

Buffalo Bayou Park is located directly west of the central business district at downtown. It’s the centerpiece of a $30 million urban revitalization plan that has won national acclaim. More info here. It features a pretty 5.2-mile loop from downtown to Shepherd Street Bridge to the west. The loop runs along both sides of Buffalo Bayou, offering scenic views of Houston’s downtown skyscrapers. You also pass by some lawn areas and bridges as you run. We recommend to cross Rosemont Bridge at the halfway point of the loop for a spectacular tree-top view of Buffalo Bayou and Houston skyline. This adds 0.4 miles, making the total 5.6 miles. Paths feature one lane for cyclists and one for pedestrians, and several water fountains along the route. It is a little hilly, too. Note, at Waugh Dr. is a “bat bridge”, where there are reliably at sunset, thousands of bats.

For longer run (~11.5 miles), you can combine Buffalo Bayou with Seymour Lieberman Exercise Trail at Memorial Park. You can find an underpass at Shepherd Street Bridge which leads to a sidewalk that will get you to Memorial Park, about 1.5 miles west of the bridge. See route here.

  • 5.2 mi loop with 0.4 mile add on, option for ~11.5 mi run
  • 256 feet
  • Downtown near City Hall