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Energy Corridor: George Bush Park, Hershey Park, Bear Creek Pioneers Park

Hershey Park

The Energy Corridor, in west Houston, hosts numerous energy industry-related companies, and thus might be the destination for business travelers. The area features over 50 miles of running trails in George Bush Park, Bear Creek Pioneers Park, and along Buffalo Bayou Trail, which is a good anchor point. Some recommended options:

Terry Hershey Park. Scenic views along the Buffalo Bayou. It’s just north of the main Buffalo Bayou trail, after crossing Eldridge Parkway.

Bear Creek Pioneers Park. More wooded options and some trail running. Just north of I-10, use N. Eldridge Parkway. Trail Map.

George Bush Park. Wikimedia

George Bush Park. 7,800 park with extensive system of jogging trails and a bike trail, surrounded by swamps, bayous, and woodlands. There’s a multi-use bike trail and a cool wooden boardwalk crossing the bayou. This Trail Map has excellent information on loop & segment options.  Park Information

Buffalo Bayou Trail Section. We’ve mapped an 8.5 run out and back along the Buffalo Bayou Trail, from George Bush Park at Beltway 6 east Kirkwood Rd. Can continue for another 2 from Kirkwood miles to Beltway 8.

Info on Energy Corridor Recreation
  • Buffalo Bayou Trail out and back is 8.5 miles. Numerous other parks and options, see description & trail map
  • 114 feet
  • Terry Hershey Park