Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital and only major city, is a city of 2 million on the Caspian Sea. It sits at the confluence of Europe and western Asia and has the distinction of being the largest city in the world below sea level. City walls dating to the 11th century surround the old city, but Baku is really defined by the fast growth and modern architecture that oil wealth has brought. There are some good places for running in Baku, though runners should be aware that the main streets are built on a wide scale with many lanes of traffic.

The best places to run in Baku are anchored by the 16 km of wide waterfront paths along the Caspian sea, which we’ve divided into east and west sections. Adjacent to the waterfront, runners can enjoy our Old City tour and Central City & Parks route. For some hills and views in the center, take our route to Highland Park and the TV Tower. In the New City area in eastern Baku, we’ve mapped a route combining parks & waterfront paths. In the Heydar Aliyev/Congress Centre area, there’s nice running around wide open plazas and green spaces.

Runners should note that Baku is known as the ‘City of Winds’, due to the gale-force cold and warm winds that blow frequently.

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Baku has a temperate semi-arid climate, with a fairly low amount of precipitation. The city is characterized by strong winds nearly uear-round. Summers are warm to hot, with high temperatures in the 31C (88F) range, and warm nights. Winters are mild, and can be cloudy. Daytime temperatures climb to the 7C (mid-40sF) range, with nights just above freezing. Only 210mm (8 inches) of rain falls annually, with hardly any precipitation in summer.

There’s a huge selection of accommodations in Baku. Try to stay south of Central Park, and west of the Museum of Modern Art. That will ensure easy access to the best running options in Baku.


Go Sport, which has two locations in Balu, is a good bet for running gear in the city.

There are also outlets for Nike & Adidas.

There’s also a branch of the Courir chain.


Baku Runners is an active running group in Baku. Group runs every Sunday morning at 10:00am and Tuesday & Thursday nights at 7:30pm.

Azerbaijan running events calendar.

Baku Marathon. May 7. Mainly along the water and coastal parks.