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Our guide to running in Baton Rouge & vicinity. See also our running guide for New Orleans

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Baton Rouge, located on the Mississippi River, is the capital of Louisiana. There’s interesting Antebellum architecture, lovely live oaks in some of the city’s historic neighborhoods, and a thriving, diverse cultural scene. There are some great spots for running in Baton Rouge, highlighted by paths along the Mississippi and around the Louisiana State University and adjacent lakes.

The signature running spot in Baton Rouge is the Levee Bike Path, which extends for 9 miles from downtown. The LSU Lake Loops are another great place to run in Baton Rouge. Downtown, we’ve put together a pleasant 4.5-mile ‘runseeing’ tour, and in the southern part of Baton Rouge there are some great neighborhoods for running, anchored by Highland Community Park. For a tranquil run, we love the botanic gardens paths at the LSU AgCenter.

Runners should note that Baton Rouge’s summers are oppressive, with frequent thunderstorms. Run early or late. Public transport is fairly limited. Though most of our routes are accessible from downtown, a car is needed beyond the city center.

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Baton Rouge has oppressively hot summers, mild winters, and warm springs and autumns. Runners should not that June through September are very hot and humid, with daily temps in the low 90sF (31-33C), and nights that rarely dip below 70F (21C). Winters are mild, with highs averaging in the low-mid 60s (16-18C), with coolish nights and the occasional cold snap. Note also this is a wet, rainy climate, with frequent summer thunderstorms and downpours — some 60+ inches of rain annually! Winters are drier and less humid.



There are plenty of places to buy running gear in Baton Rouge. The main indy running store is Varsity Sports, near the LSU campus. Other good spots are Backpacker, a New Balance outlet, and Just 4 Kicks. 


Varsity Sports has several group running events through the week. CALENDAR

Happy’s Running Club does a 5K downtown at 6:00 PM every Tuesday. Afterwards everyone gets 2-for-1 beers.

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