Grenoble, France

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Grenoble

Considered the ‘capital of the Alps’, Grenoble is located in the Rhône-Alpes of France in the valleys of the rivers Drac and Isère. Grenoble was the site of the Winter Olympics in 1968 and is also a major scientific center in France. Given the surrounding mountains and pastoral river valley, it’s no surprise that there are terrific options for running in Grenoble. We should note that the area is also a mecca for trail running.

The best places to run in Grenoble focus on the extensive paths along the Isère and Drac Rivers. Our Grenoble ‘runseeing’ tour features several parks and the city’s historic section. For those who want a scenic challenge, run to the Bastille — it’s a 300m climb over 2.5 km! A worth-it destination run is the Castle Park of Vizille, with its 100 acres of gorgeous grounds. We’ve also included some trail running recommendations, though it’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Grenoble has an extensive bus system and 5 tram lines. And although winters in Grenoble itself are relatively mild given the low altitude and valley location, the surrounding mountains feature much colder temps and significant snowfall.

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Grenoble has cool winters and warm summers. Since Grenoble has a lower altitude and valley location, it’s winter climate is much milder and less snowy than the surrounding mountains. Average winter highs are 6C (43F), and lows dip just below freezing. It does snow, but there not a continual snowpack. Summers are delightfully warm and generally sunny. The 1,000mm of annual precipitation is fairly well spread throughout the year.


Grenoble is a recreational mecca, so there are numerous outdoor gear stores. The best independent running shop is the Terre de Running Grenoble. We also recommend Sport Time and Endurance Shop Grenoble. There are also three outlets of the Decathlon chain.