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Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay) is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of 20 million. It’s the largest city in India and its wealthiest. It is crowded, dense, noisy, hot, and polluted. Not a runner’s haven. But it is possible to find some good spots and get a flavor of the city.

There are two major sections of Mumbai: Mumbai City District (South Mumbai), where the majority of businesses are concentrated around Nariman Point; and Mumbai Suburban District, which is where Navi Mumbai, Powai, and other suburbs are located.

Running in Mumbai is a bit of a different scene. You can’t just expect to walk out your hotel or office door and run on a random road – as most roads are very crowded, traffic-ey, and lack a proper sidewalk or shoulder. So one has to actually plan on going to a particular running spot. Fortunately, there is a series of ‘jogers parks’, which are small pedestrian green spaces interspersed throughout the city with 1-2 km jogging tracks. Some require a modest admission and are open set hours.

We’ve organized the Mumbai running guide by area. See the overview section, which has a list of running spots by area and by type (Joger Park, track, road). Some of South Mumbai’s running highlights are, in South Mumbai: Marine Drive, and Versova/Juhu Beach, along the water; World Sea Face; and the unique Mahalaxmi Race Course. In Navi Mumbai: Palm Beach Rd., Rajiv Gandhi Jogers Park, Vashi; and the Five Gardens area. There are also some good running spots in Powai, north of the city and near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Note: Be sure to ask your hotel about the safety of certain areas; be prepared for the heat; and know which areas to run early before the traffic (car and otherwise) kicks in.

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Shivaji Park (Dadar)

Mumbai, India

At 27 acres, the largest park in Mumbai. Situated on the Arabian Sea and a popular spot for cricket. For running, there's a 1.3 km path around the perimeter. Can be combined with surrounding (posh) residential area and beach.

Powai Run

Mumbai, India

This northern suburb of Mumbai has some of the area's better developed roads. We've put together a lovely run including a tour of the Hiranandani Garden, 1.4 km promenade along Lake Powai, and a jaunt down to Forest Park.

Mumbai has two types of weather. Hot and hotter. And wet or dry. Temperatures soar to 90F (32C) almost daily, and rarely dip below 70F (21C) at night. Summer days are rainy and more humid, with the monsoon rains, and are often cloudy. Nights are hotter. Winter months are hot and dry. Muddy surfaces can be a factor during rainy season.

Tata Mumbai Marathon. January.