Mumbai, India

Palm Beach Road/Sea Woods Lake, Navi Mumbai

Palm Beach is a stretch of road about 10 kilometers long, running parallel to the coast, which goes to CBD Belapur. The west side of the road is along the coast and features a mangrove preserve. It is a busy traffic road with 3 lanes in each direction.

This is a popular area for running, as it is smooth and well manicured. There’s a sidewalk/shoulder in parts. Most runners go early before there’s too much traffic. Our map is one of the nicer stretches, 3.5 km one-way between the Ahilya Gokul Patil Rd. and the T S Chanakya area. The 1.6-km section between Vazirani signal and T S Chanakya signal is blocked for vehicles every Sunday from 6am to 9am.

As part of this run, also enjoy Nerul Lake (also called Sea Woods). There is a dedicated path which makes for a pleasant 2.7 km (1.7 mile) loop.



  • We've mapped a 3.5 km one-way route along the road and 2.7 km loop around the lake
  • Flat
  • For road: Ahilya Gokul Patil Rd.; For lake: entrance off Palm Beach Rd.
  • Juinagar, Nerul, or Seawoods stations