Powai is a suburb in northeast Mumbai, and is centered around Powai Lake. The Hiranandani Gardens area is home to many large residential complexes, luxury hotels, and corporate offices. It’s also an important cultural and nightlife area.

The Powai area has some of the better developed roads in Mumbai, so it’s easier to do a road run in the broader Hiranandani complex.



Overall run in Powai is combining Hiranandani Garden,  Powai Lake, and Forest Park.  Hiranandani Garden is a lovely, well maintained garden that has some pleasant paths for running, about 1 km. Combine with the promenade path along the lake, just across the street, which goes for 1.4 km (0.9 miles) one-way. The, run south along Forest St., away from the lake, about 0.5 km, and enjoy some of the wooded trails in Forest Park. This can, overall, make for a very pleasant 5-6 km run in Powai! We’ve mapped out the route around the gardens and along the Promenade, then down to Forest Park.



  • 5.5 km (3.4 miles). Forest Park trails are additional
  • 107 feet over
  • Hiranandani Garden
  • Buses serve Hiranandani