Tampere, Finland

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Tampere is a city in western Finland, wedged between two lakes, Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi. This attractive city holds several distinctions: it’s the largest inland city in the Nordic countries; features 180+ lakes; is the ‘sauna capital of the world’; and is also a major industrial center. There’s fantastic running in Tampere, with lots of variety. There are numerous trails along and around lakes, many parks, and a large network of forest trails just outside the city.

For some of the best places to run in Tampere, we recommend mixing & matching our several central waterfront routes: paths along Tammerkoski rapids, which connect to trails along Lake Näsi in the north, Pyhäjärvi Lake in the south, and a lovely run along Viinikanlahti Bay. In eastern Tampere, we’ve put together a nice route combining several adjacent parks (puisto). Just outside the city, there are more paths along Lake Näsi in the northwestern district of Lentävänniemi, paths around parks and a section of Lake Lides in the Viinikka & Nekela Districts, and a large network of forest trails in Kauppi Sports Park.

Notes: There are two light rail lines in Tampere, and a good bus system. Many of the paths in central Tampere are cleared of snow in winter, and many are lit at night. Note that Tampere has cold winters with 150 cm of snow.

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Tampere has cold, snowy winters and mild summers. Temperatures are moderated by the waterfront location. Runners should note that winter temperatures stay below freezing a fair bit, and the city averages 150 cm of snow. Summers are mild to warm, with average highs in 20-23C (69-73F) range, with cool nights. Note also the major differences in day length between summer and winter.

The heart of Tampere, sandwiched between two lakes, is small geographically. And that’s where most of the accommodations are. If you stay in central Tampere, there’s easy access to some of our favorite waterfront running routes.


Numerous sporting goods stores featuring running gear. See locations on the overview map on the Tampere home page.


Parkrun, Saturdays 9:30 from the Laukonsilta bridge.

Calendar of running events in Finland, including Tampere.

Tampere Marathon. August/September.

Kauppi Trail Run. August.