Phuket, Thailand

Bang Wad Dam

A gorgeous loop inland and away from the popular tourist areas of Phuket is the 6.4 km circuit around the Bang Wad Reservoir in Kathu. This road is more popular with runners and cyclists than it is with automobiles, so although the paved road is narrow and windy, you won’t have to worry much about traffic. This green, jungly loop is sprinkled with banana and rubber plantations, with occasional views of the reservoir. 

Most runners start out at the Bang Wad Dam, on the north side of the reservoir. You can run either above or below the dam — the route on top of the dam is slightly shorter. Run clockwise or counter clockwise on Soi Chonlaprathan (4038).

  • 6.4 km (4 mile) loop
  • 133 meters (439 feet)
  • Soi Chonlaprathan
  • 4038 Road