Raleigh-Durham, NC

Cary: Fred Bond Metro Park

Cary is another municipality within the Triangle area, about 10 miles west of Raleigh. One of the running highlights in Cary is Fred Bond Metro Park, a lovely lakeside park with 4.2 miles of trails, an amphitheater, athletic fields, and a rope course. The Bond Lake Trail is a 2-mile run around the perimeter of the lake, with certain sections elevated, making for great water views. Add to that with another couple of miles of trails, which are a mix of paved and gravel.

Alternative/Add-On Route: A Great Runs fan has submitted this 2-mile route which features the Bond Park Trail, Pine Grove Trail, and the northern section of the lake. Includes some stairs, one larger hill and one smaller hill. Mix of paved and gravel trails.




  • 4.2 miles of trails. Bond Lake Trail is 2 miles around the lake
  • Flat
  • Lake route: Park community center at north end of lake, or parking lot
  • Parking at park; Bus takes 15 min. from the downtown Cary train station