Rome, Italy

Valle dell’Aniene

Valle dell’Aniene is a large nature reserve in Municipio IV, northeast of Rome center. Spanning along the Aniene River, a tributary of the Tiber, this verdant park includes a variety of paved and dirt paths where runners can put together a route of up to 9 km one-way. The paths pass through a series of parks, some with views of the narrow (and often dry) Aniene River. There are also opportunities for smaller loops using the bridges that criss-cross the park.

Add-Ons: Parco di Villa Ada and the River Tiber paths make great additions near the west end of the route.

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  • Up to 9 km (5.7 miles) one-way
  • 62m (205 feet)
  • Park Entrance
  • Metro: Rebibbia (Blue line)