St. Moritz, Switzerland

Lake Champfèr Loop

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Lake Champfèr is another in a series of lovely lakes in the St. Moritz area. A loop around the lake is a neat 5k, on a wide gravel path, with gorgeous water and mountain views. Lake Champfèr is located 3.5 km south of St. Moritz. You can start the loop near Champfèr (700m south), or at Silvaplana. The western side of the path is alongside Rt. 27.

Add-Ons: Numersous options! Combine with the Lej da San Murezzan in St. Moritz, using paths along the River Inn to connect the two lakes. Lake Champfèr is also part of our longer  ‘three lakes’ route. Just east of the lake, there’s a series of forested paths which are pleasant (but hilly) for running.

  • 5 km (3.1 miles) loop
  • 73m (240 feet)
  • Can start in Champfèr or Silvaplana
  • Numerous access points