Wellington, New Zealand

Botanical Gardens & Tinakori Hill

Wellington Botanic Garden features 62 acres of unique landscape, protected native forest, conifers, specialized plant collections, colorful floral displays, and views over Wellington city. This beautiful scenery, free entry and neighboring Tinakori Hill provide a great running route! Starting at Midland Park, meander your way through the Botanical Gardens and exit on Glenmore Street. A loop of the Gardens is ~4 km.

From here, you have to kick it up a notch for your climb up Tinakori Hill. This hilly trail run is famous among the Wellington running community. Using St. Mary’s St. to access, it’s 1.5 km and a 200m climb to the Te Ahumairangi Hill Lookout. Great views! A full loop around the park is ~6 km. After the climb to the lookout, the trail is fairly flat.


  • Botanic Garden: ~4 km loop; Tinakori Hill: ~6 km loop
  • Botanical Garden is rolling hills; Tinakori Hill: 261m (859 feet)
  • Midland Park
  • Access from Botanic Garden to Tinakori Hill is using St. Mary's St.