Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen Beaches

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For runners who have time to travel a bit outside the city, the beaches to the north of Aberdeen have many kilometers of firm flat sand along the scenic coastline. Aberdeen City Beach (where the Esplanade is located) is a bit more narrow and slanted, so we recommend running from Donmouth and heading north on this wider beach section. It’s about 4.5 km to Blackdog, 9 km to Balmedie Beach, and 16 km to Newburgh. The N54 bus line runs along the coast in this direction, so adventurous runners can explore the beaches on a one-way run with a return on the bus.

  • Up to 16 km (10 miles) one way
  • 29 meters
  • Donmouth Local Nature Preserve, just north of Old Aberdeen
  • Donmouth Road Bus Stop