Eugene, OR

McKenzie River Trail

Bonnie Moreland

The McKenzie River Trail, about an hour east of Eugene in the Willamette National Forest, is a little bit of a trek, but a worthwhile day trip for over 24 miles of trail running through a beautiful old growth forest along a wild river. The trail is flat and easy going, with lots of features — pools, log bridges, falls— to keep runners interested. At the south end, runners can access the trailhead near McKenzie Bridge. In the north, it reaches to Fish Lake. There are several points of access in between, just off Route 126. Whichever section of the trail you choose, it’s sure not to disappoint — many consider this one of the top trail runs in Oregon! Just be aware mountain bikers love it too, so you’ll want to keep your head up for zooming cyclists.

Trail Information
  • Up to 24 miles one way
  • Flat-rolling hills
  • McKenzie Bridge
  • McKenzie Highway