Fort Worth, Texas

North Fort Worth: Arcadia Trail Park & More

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In northern Fort Worth, the Arcadia Trail Park system is the anchor for several miles of paved multi-use paths that connect to some other parks. Arcadia Trail Park is located 11 miles north of downtown Fort Worth, just north of I-820. We’ve created two separate routes, which can be combined in various ways, though we note that the 1.5 mile road connection between Arcadia and Arcadia North Park is not very pleasant. The paths are a mix of open and shaded.

Arcadia Trail Park North. Google Street View

Arcadia Trail Park to Buffalo Ridge Park. ~5 miles one-way.  We’ve mapped a route combining Arcadia Trail Park & Arcadia Trail Park South, with a connection to Buffalo Ridge Park. A loop of Arcadia Trail Park is ~ 3 miles. Extend by crossing Basswood Blvd. and continuing south through Arcadia Trail Park South for 0.5 miles. Then, a road connection of 0.7 miles (use Amberdale Dr.) connects to the Whites Branch Park multi-use path. Continue south for 0.8 miles, to connect to the Buffalo Ridge Park trails, which continue for 2 miles south and west, ending at N. Beach St. In addition to several miles of paved multi-use trails, there’s a disc golf course and numerous other recreational facilities.

Arcadia Trail Park North to Barksdale Park. ~4 miles one-way. Just north of N. Tarrant Pkwy., the path through Arcadia Trail Park North is 2.5 miles, including a loop of the small lake. To continue, exit the north end of the park, turn RIGHT on Heritage Trace Pkwy briefly, and continue into Sinclair Park, and then north for a ~1 mile loop of Barksdale Park, which features a small lake.



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