Lille-Roubaix, France

Lille ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Flickr: couscouschocolat

This ‘Runseeing’ tour of Lille is a great way to explore the city’s highlights on a run. Our mapped route covers many of the main sites of the city center (Lille-Centre) and the historic old city (Vieux-Lille), and includes the Botanic Gardens and Parc Henri Matisse. The full tour is nearly 13 km, but there are options for longer or shorter.

Parc Henri Matisse. Creative Commons: Babsy

Start in the center of Lille at the landmark Porte de Paris, and head south through a park, bearing RIGHT on Rue Fontenoy, to access the Botanical Garden. Enjoy a 1.5 km loop around the gardens (free entrance), then head back north, using Rue Doual. Run back through the Port de Paris, passing City Hall, heading north on R. Pierre Mauroy, to the Veille Bourse – a spectacular building housing the old stock exchange. Turn RIGHT, heading east on Rue Roubaix, to do a loop of the wide open paths of Parc Henri Matisse. Exit the park on a path, and run north for 1 km through a small linear park paralleling Ave. Peuple Belge, into the Old City. Turn LEFT on Rue St. Andre, which leads to the Plaine de la Poterne park, and paths that head west to the Citadelle. Skirt the Citadelle along the east side canal path for 2 km, then return to the start along Rue de la Barre.

Shorter Option: Save ~5 km by eliminating the initial loop down to the Botanical Garden.

Add-Ons: Paths of the Citadelle and Deƻle River.

  • Full route is 12.8 km (7.9 miles)
  • 30m (99 feet)
  • Porte de Paris in Lille-Centre
  • Metro: Lille Grand Palais or Mairie de Lille