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Busan, South Korea

Located on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, Busan is South Korea’s second largest city. As one of the world’s largest ports, Busan is also known for its beaches, mountains, and temples. Busan has a unique geography, with the developed sections situated in narrow valleys between the Nakdong and the Suyeong Rivers, and  mountains all around. Due to the city’s traffic, unique geography, and the fact that many streets don’t have sidewalks, the situation for running in Busan requires one to head to particular particular locations — generally along the water. Most of our routes are accessed via public transport.

The best places to run in Busan center on the city’s multiple waterfront options. There are many km of paths along the Nakdong River, which we’ve divided into three digestible sections. There’s also good running along Haeundae Beach and Songjeong Beach, with a path connecting them. Songjeong Beach and Gwangalli Beach are also good for running. Near Gwangalli, the Igidae Coastal Walk is among the most scenic spots in Busan. For parks, the Citizens Park is the most popular for running, while Busan Jungang Park has hilly  paths and stairs leading to great views of the city. There are also extensive trail running options just outside the city in the surrounding mountains.

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Busan has pretty good weather for running year-round. Summers are warm but not hot, and winters are cool but not cold. In summer, average high temperatures are in the 27C (81F) range, with warm, humid nights. In winter, highs are 7-8C (46F), with nights dipping to below freezing. About 2/3 of the 1500mm (60 inches) of annual rainfall comes during the wet months of May through September.


Busan has a fair number of stores where one can purchase running gear, notably outlets of Asics, Reebok, and Nike.


OVD Running Club has group runs Saturdays at Gorilla Brewing Co.

Gorilla Running Club. Group Runs Thursday, 7:30 pm, Gorilla Brewing Co.

Run Club Busan. Group runs every Saturday or Sunday 9:50 AM